Uplift, Educate, Empower and Promote

It is Our Belief That All Men are Created Equal

Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc.

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Meet Our Current National President
Sir Anthony J. Alexander-Gaye

Our History is unique in many ways.  This  Elite Group of Gentlemen was established nearly ten years ago upon the concepts and beliefs that ALL men are created equal.  This Organization does not discriminate based on Sexual Preference or Color.  We accept all men as they are- as they were created. 

The Founding Fathers Sir J.E. Alexander, Sir R. J. Alexander and Sir J. E. Davis,  believed that we as a group must Uplift, Educate, Empower and Promote each other.  This tradition has continued throughout the years. 

Today, under the leadership of our Current National President, we exist in nearly 30 States and Internationally.  Because we have learned from the past, we are now able to move forward productively in the future. 

Sir Gaye's Vision is to impact our community, he believe that with the work of a few good men, we can reach this goal.  He so often quotes the old saying, "Good, Better, Best,  never let it rest, until your good becomes better and your better becomes best".

Our Goal for the next few years is to Educate Our Community on HIV/ AIDS- To Speak to Children about Bullying and Gun Violence- To Reduce Crime in our Teen Population.  This can be done with the help and dedication of Brothers that have a mind to work.  As we grow, we need quality men, men of substance-men of vision and purpose.  This brotherhood is only as strong as the men that join it.  We need men that look beyond the faults of others and see the need(s) of a dying community. 
When you join Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, you join a history of hard work and dedication, you join a brotherhood of believers that we will not let the vision die. 
I Am My Brother's Keeper

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