Uplift, Educate, Empower and Promote

It is Our Belief That All Men are Created Equal

Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc.

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Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc.

Welcome To The Brotherhood  of Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc.

"An Elite Brotherhood"


Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc. is an International Organization established February 1, 2005, for the betterment of all men. 

We believe that all men are created equal, that every man regardless of race or sexual preference is here for a specific reason and purpose, we believe that it is our duty as men to take back our communities, our cities, and our states. 

Education is the key!  We believe that an informed man will react accordingly. 

Our Primary Advocacy Programs are:

HIV/ AIDS Awareness               

Male Mentoring to At-Risk Teen Boys          

                                                                          Anti- Gun Violence/ Anti- Bullying in our Schools.               


When you join Psi Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc. , you join a legacy of men that believe  in the same cause.   Our Objectives are to Uplift, Educate, Empower and Promote, the total man. 


We do look forward to meeting you at one of our local events or at the State or National Conference. 


I Am My Brother's Keeper.

2013 National Executive Board

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